Chesterfield Spire 10 Mile Route Description


Originally held the end of August or beginning of September from 2013 the race moved to a new date; the first Sunday of July. The start and finish is in Holmebrook Valley Country Park.


The route turns left out of the park along Newbold Road turning left towards Cutthorpe and beginning a long steady climb as it passes the entrance to Linacre reservoirs. The climb continues along through Pratt Hall up to the Gate Inn where you can just about see the highest point on the race. This being a “Trig” point on the brow of the hill. By now you have completed the most difficult part and can have a breather along the next stretch before being turned left along towards the TV mast on top of Pudding Pie Hill.


If you look towards the left along this next section you will see fantastic views of Chesterfield in the valley below provided that the weather is good. The next turn left begins the return. Just up and over a slight incline takes you past the Fox and Goose pub and you begin a long downhill section through Old Brampton eventually passing the opposite entrance to Linacre reservoirs and through Ashgate towards another left turn.


Here you run through the Loundsley Green estate, which is fairly flat before going downhill for 300metres and then up for another 400metres to reach a left turn at the Olde House pub. You are then only 1200m from the finish but a gentle incline up and you are there. A tough race but one, which continues to attract more competitors each year. The race entry limit is 500.